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If you are like me, you are a mother and mission-driven entrepreneur who strives to make the most out of every moment. You spend your day balancing the needs of your family, your clients, your colleagues, and yourself. Some days it is easy; other days, you feel like you cannot do anything well. If this resonates with you, welcome to the club.

The reality is that as women and mothers, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Balancing being a good wife and mother while running a business can be challenging, no matter the size. When all of that challenge us, it is easy to slip into what I call limiting beliefs.

The Women of Valor Community was created for powerful women by powerful women looking for spirituality and meaning in a Professional Development World.


How Can we Help you Develop Peace and Productivity in your business?

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Frances Walker brings psychology, science, and the metaphysical together and links them to scripture to help people create more peace and productivity in their homes and businesses. 
The mission of Frances and the WOV Community is to create meaning and compassion in the world of professional development. When you book Frances for your next event, you will work directly with her and her team of experts to co-create a talk that will meet the needs of your audience.  
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I only wish I would have started working with Frances sooner. She is instrumental in helping identify & redirect hidden scripts running in your mind. She explains the reasoning behind her technique, gives you a solid path forward, holds you accountable and makes it known that she is training you to become your own mindset coach. She will dig in to ask the tough questions with a smile. If you're ready to commit to your next level goals, I'd highly recommend speaking with Frances.

    Jennifer Widerberg FinTech Executive IT Recruiter & Marathoner
  • Frances has changed the way I think. When I find myself distracted, I hear Frances asking, "what's the most important thing you should be doing…right now?". I go back to marketing or a project that helps strengthen my business. She holds me accountable. While working with Frances I have reported weekly objectives. As a result, I have experienced more wins, giving me the courage to reach out to larger target accounts and higher-level team members. She has helped keep me focused, generating self-confidence and business growth.

    Lisa Oxenhandler HR Partner for Ideal Workplaces

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