Women of Valor's Inclusive Faith-Based Community

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Faith-Based Community

I am often asked how I am able to work as a faith-based life and business coach. There seems to be an inherent disbelief that faith and mindset coaching can co-exist.

The answer is easy. I just present myself honestly and welcome all who approach me.

The Lighthouse

I am who I am – and my clients know that. I really do believe that Jesus is who he says he is and did what he said he did. Just as Jesus didn’t judge, I don’t judge. He came to save. I am here to help, living my life, and shining my light.

I like to use a lighthouse analogy to explain this. Just as a lighthouse provides safety and helps people navigate difficult waters, I shine my light to help and welcome all who come near me.

Honor Each Other and Ask Permission

In regards to my clients, I am so blessed. I have clients, amazing clients, from all walks of life and all belief systems. I have clients who are evangelical pastors, others who are indigenous Shaman, and others who are atheists. Some of my best conversations have been with hardcore atheists, yet we are able to have deep, meaningful, respectful discussions about physics, science, and belief systems, and we gel so well in coaching. It’s a true joy.

I think that when we adopt the perspective of honoring everyone around us and accepting with humility that none of us have a perfect theology or fully understand the infinitely intelligent Creator, we can arrive at a beautiful place and experience the joys and wonder of life with everyone.

Asking permission is another crucial element of running a faith-based business. As a coach, I am completely open about my faith, and when I meet with clients, I always ask permission to bring traditional Christian Scripture into our sessions. From that point, they know: I love Jesus; I’m all up in his business, and that’s just me.

Open Yourself to All and Join Our Faith-Based Community

It is an ability to walk in faith, humility, and acceptance that allows me to connect with people of different faiths and belief systems, and it is a big part of what we’re doing here at the Women of Valor Community. Together, we are building a faith-based community, a safe space for people of all faiths to come together and where I can shine my light.

This is a place of inclusion for everyone, regardless of what you believe. I harbor a real belief that, just like it says in Genesis, the infinitely intelligent Creator of the universe designed you to be good. He doesn’t call on us to radically transform ourselves, as so many of us have been led to believe.

When you believe that about yourself and others, that we are all inherently good, we can arrive at a peaceful place of understanding from which we can nurture one another, creating a faith-based community that is a safe and peaceful place for all. From there, we’re just going to shine our light. So, friends, if it attracts you, then come on and join us. 

Blessings, friend.