Developing a Proverbs 31 Mindset

Hello, my fellow Women of Valor community members!

The teachings of Proverbs 31 are a cornerstone of my life and of this community; it is even the inspiration for the name Women of Valor. In this post, I want to share why Proverbs 31 resonates so strongly with me and how we will apply it in this community.

Traditional Presentation of Proverbs 31

Traditionally, Proverbs 31 is presented as a laundry list of sorts of what it means to be a good Christian wife, but that was not the original intention of the verse. Originally, it was written for men to memorize. As they were married, Proverbs 31 was something that they would consciously speak over the women in their household, their wives. It was meant as a blessing and praise for wives. These women were respected as women of noble character, which means “women of valor” when translated from ancient Hebrew.

Review Proverbs 31 in its entirety here.

Mindset and Behavior

How does this apply to my work and this community? I believe that God guides our thoughts or our mindset, and subsequently, our behaviors more powerfully than we truly understand. The physical action of speaking and hearing the words of Proverbs 31 can bring peace and clarity of purpose to a home, a business, a life.

This clarity of purpose supports and helps develop our mindset and our belief system, which, in turn, creates the results that we experience.

Nearly, our subconscious beliefs are triggered by our experiences. Because of this connection, most people shrug off their subconscious, believing that it is almost impossible to reprogram our beliefs because we can’t change the past or the experiences that happened to us, right?

I do not believe this. I think our subconscious beliefs can be altered, which is a core component of the Women of Valor coaching program.

What you believe subconsciously will drive your conscious thoughts, which will then influence your emotions, which then dictate your actions. In this way, your actions will always produce results that reinforce your original beliefs.

If your subconscious is ultimately influencing your results and you are unhappy with those results, it’s time to change your mindset – that’s where the Women of Valor community can help.

The Women of Valor Community

The Women of Valor community is a safe space for men and women of any background to come together and explore these principles with one another for conscious change. Within the context of Proverbs 31, the deeper issue is: “What is the mindset of this woman? What is she believing? How does that guide her actions?”

Likewise, what is your mindset? What do you believe? How are those beliefs shaping your outcomes? That’s what we’ll explore, together, in a like-minded community.

When you understand the power of belief and its role in creating your actions and results instead of focusing on the actions and results themselves, you have an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to see how good you are, how powerful you are, and that God designed you in a way that you don’t need to be transformed. You need a renewal of your mind to change your mind, to change your thoughts, to change your words, and then when you do that, the actions and outcomes naturally change as well.

When that happens, you won’t need distractions to escape from the troubles of life. You’ll have learned how to walk in faith through the troubles of life, to show up more powerfully, and to get more done with less effort. You’ll believe the best in yourself, and it will show.

Welcome to the Women of Valor Community

I’m really, really passionate about helping women and the men who support and walk with those women. Women of Valor is a place for women and men to understand the power of their thoughts, the power of their words, and the power of their beliefs. It’s a place to understand how, when you change your beliefs, actions naturally change as well, and you can live a more powerful, more productive, more peaceful life. 

That’s what we’re going to explore through coaching and community.

In the coming months, we’ll have an entire course where we examine Proverbs 31 verse by verse to discuss what this woman believes in order to be doing these things naturally. We’ll then discuss how we can powerfully communicate that in our own families and our own businesses.

I look forward to digging into that with you, and I hope this was helpful because we don’t need to have Proverbs 31 inferiority complexes or groaning when somebody mentions this verse. After all, it’s not a to-do list or something you have to prove. It is about who you are naturally. 

Blessings, friend.