We’ve all had that experience where you’re walking onto a used car lot and as the salesperson heads in your direction you can just feel this weird energy, and you’re first response is, “No thanks. I’m okay. Just looking. Just browsing.” Right. When the truth is you actually are seriously shopping for a car, and something just didn’t quite feel right.

What if the scenario were different, and when the salesperson meets you and really listens to you? They ask powerful questions that make you think about things that you want, that you didn’t even realize you wanted and you end up getting the perfect car at a great price. You feel heard. You feel understood. Your response is, “Man, you’re an amazing car salesman. I’m going to send all my friends your way.” That’s what we are all looking for in life. We all have real problems, and we are waiting for somebody to listen to us and help us to work on our challenges.

When you’re an entrepreneur, whether you are running a small business from home or running a large corporation, there is a sometimes a sense when it comes to marketing where we really fear being that annoying sleazy used car salesman. I see this time and time again with clients and often, when you feel that way, it’s because you are very committed to helping people. There is an art , a skill, and a science to changing that energy so that when you are marketing and promoting yourself (especially in times like now) we do not feel like you are bothering anyone. How do you do that in a holiday season where people are already struggling? It takes a mindset that you are doing it for them, not to them. It takes an easiness and a sense of internal safety around creating an environment that serves both them and you. That is in every Facebook post, every email, and every face-to-face conversation. When you have that energy, it serves your potential client at the highest level. This is something that I really love helping people infuse into their marketing processes.

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