Mapping the Psychology and Science of Personal Development to Scripture

Mapping the science, psychology, and metaphysics of personal development to a magnificent, infinitely intelligent Creator, personal faith beliefs, and Scripture is my passion. I’m so excited to start digging into this subject with you!

My Intro to Metaphysics

Growing up and even at university, I was never exposed to the world of metaphysics or frequency, energy, the science, the system, and the universal laws that govern nature itself. It wasn’t until five or six years ago that I first came across it. At that time, my life was a hot mess. I was undergoing health problems, had two small children, and wasn’t taking care of myself at all.

I realized I was missing something; though, I didn’t know what it was at the time. Then I discovered the world of mindsets and metaphysics and the system and the science behind it all. I was fascinated by the concept of the law of attraction; that what you put out into the world, you can also reap and that this could be accomplished through meditation, visualization, manifestation, and the like.

I saw that while there were elements of that that were really effective, they were also missing something. There was a strong sense of overreaching and sometimes even self-denial where the philosophy was to deny yourself something to reach your life goals. That didn’t sit right with me.  

As I learned more about metaphysical energy, I realized that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ personal development philosophy is very similar to what we see in the New Testament. That’s when I started to get really excited and passionate about the possibilities. I recognized that there was nothing that I was ever taught in psychology, the sciences, or my mindset coaching certification program that I couldn’t find in the Bible. 

I was elated because I could finally bridge that gap between my faith and understanding of the human brain and scientific systems. 

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Faith

When you are able to take these two seemingly disparate worlds and see that they do not contradict one another, you find that they actually map perfectly well together.

I spend a lot of time digging into the original translation of the Bible because I see it as a common area of misunderstanding. Although I believe it to be true, I also recognize that there is no one perfect theology. As Christians, we have a manuscript that is thousands upon thousands of years old that we don’t fully understand. Sometimes we lose nuance in the translation. We don’t understand the jokes. We don’t understand much of the cultural context. The interpretation may change as it gets passed down to us. But when you are Spirit-led, those gaps get filled in because you understand how God created the system. 

To me, this balanced perspective of the two worlds meeting maps perfectly. It influences the way that I coach, and it infiltrates my courses. This is how we can honor individual beliefs and belief systems but also still see the truth in them even when they differ from our own perspective.

The energy of wellness and emotions is another area of importance. We don’t speak about it in our culture, but our emotions are highly accurate. They are like a compass that points us to truth. It comes down to energy. We all recognize that there is energy in every living thing; every living thing has a frequency that we are able to pick up on subconsciously.

In psychology, we call it nonverbal communication. We know that 80% of all communication is nonverbal. This includes the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, and body language, but it’s also the energy and frequency coming off of you. If you’ve ever walked into a room and could just feel that something was off with another person – without even seeing their face – that’s down to nonverbal communication and energy. Science can measure energy and frequency, but we also find mention of vibrations and frequency in the Bible.

Energy shows up in our lives in many ways: in our homes, in our relationships, in our businesses, in our marketing. You both give off and sense energy and frequencies, and you do it subconsciously. It’s one way we are able to gauge a person’s intent without them ever speaking a word; you can sense the energy coming off of them.

Coming back to mindset, changes in how we think create changes in the brain, which translate to changes in our energy or frequency. We can literally create brain changes by changing our thoughts, and we can map together our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to drive results and personal development.

To me, this is further proof that the worlds of science and faith do not conflict. They align because there is one true God, an infinitely intelligent creator of the universe who designed the entire system with massive intelligence within the system itself. When we recognize and accept this, we develop a sense of peace. The dichotomy of science versus faith is eliminated, and our human brains can then settle down and accept this peaceful coexistence.

When you understand how the brain works from a scientific and logical perspective, then you are able to act without fear and with faith. Instead of meditating your way to millions, you can set an intention to help you achieve your life goals. That is when things really start happening in a much bigger way.

Achieve Your Life Goals by Mapping Science and Faith

That’s what I call mapping science, psychology, and metaphysics to Scripture and your personal faith. It’s an enormous part of my coaching program; you’ll find it in our community and all of the courses. I always speak to science and psychology first so that we begin with an understanding of the human operating system, then from there, for those who are interested, we map it to Scripture so that we can see the bigness of God in a unique, scientific way as well. 

Blessings, friend.